When you go to a baseball game that is being nationally televised, you really have to be careful what you do when the camera is on you.  Take this couple for instance and the play by play announcers reaction.

So you're sitting at a baseball game with your lady and decide to get a little bit frisky. Most times the quick little grab would be playful and maybe she would slap you and look around to make sure no one could see you being an ass. This guy however did it while the MLB networks camera was directly on him.

Awesome that this moment was caught on camera for all of us to enjoy, but even better is the fact that the announcers completely lose it after it happens.  All of a sudden all you can hear is the ambiance of the baseball game, then some chuckles.  As they start to get back into it they are laughing so hard they can't even speak.  Gotta love live broadcasting.