Well there is no shame in being No. 1. That kind of goes without saying. Recently a drug bust went down in the Albany area where the contents seized by police were worth over $3 million. The Times Union is calling this bust “the Capital Region’s largest-ever drug seizure.” DEA task force members have been tracking a Jamaican citizen, Oniel McKenzie which led them to this giant bust.

“McKenzie remains a fugitive, but a suspected female accomplice was arrested two months ago on federal drug charges.

The case broke open Oct. 4 when a task force watched McKenzie pick up boxes at a storage locker in Rensselaer. It’s unclear from court records why the DEA had zeroed in on McKenzie.

After he left the facility in a Jeep Grand Cherokee that afternoon, federal agents obtained a search warrant to enter the locker, which contained 106 kilos of marijuana.

As the DEA took steps to search the locker, other task force members followed McKenzie as he drove his SUV across the Hudson River into Albany.

At the time, the DEA was unsure of McKenzie’s identity. In Albany, McKenzie walked away from the Jeep after being approached by Albany police, who were unaware the vehicle contained drugs but had been asked by the task force to help identify the suspect.” TU

The police have no actual arrest but they have a bunch of cocaine and marijuana. Seems like a fair trade off. When asked “why would this Oniel MCKenzie resort to selling these drugs” my only guess can be “it’s a jeep thing”.