My girlfriend happens to be a subscriber to Cosmo and I am not ashamed to admit that I sometimes run through the pages.

Okay first of all, I am willing to pick up anything that has Olivia Wilde on it and Cosmo is no exception.  This months issue has her gracing the cover looking gorgeous as ever.  To my surprise when I opened the pages I found that not only could I look at some fantastic pictures of these gorgeous women, I might also be able to get some key advice. It never hurts to have some inside information on the opposite sex.  You can find things in Cosmo that will not be in male publications like GQ, Mens Health or Maxim.

So do like I do and use all the hot chicks as a cover but secretly pick up some tips and tricks.  I saw a poll in Cosmo that said a lot of guys are actually closet Cosmo readers anyway so you don't have anything to be ashamed of.  When men were showed the magazine they were actually amazed at some of the information that was made available to them that might actually score them points with the ladies.  You can find all kinds of stuff inside these pages from relationship advice, to gift advice.  Well I guess it's not really gift advice per say but you can see exactly what women are into right now.  There is a good chance that you're girlfriend or wife is probably into it to.

A lot of celebrities are also guilty of reading Cosmo.  Guys like Dane Cook, Ashton Kutcher and Johnny Depp have admitted to picking it up once in a while.  I'm not saying make it daily reading, but every once in a while it couldn't hurt to scan through the pages.  What makes it easy for me is that it's left in the bathroom.  So if I'm doing my business and scan through no one knows and I come out with a bit more knowledge.  Guys you can even find out what not to do as far as dates, fashion and over all life style because this mag is full of do's and don'ts for dudes, we just aren't picking it up to read.

So do yourself a favor and next time you see your ladies magazine laying around, and it doesn't have to be Cosmo, pick it up and give it a quick glance because it could give you some awesome tips in the end.  Plus take a look at that picture of Glee's Lea Michele.  That should be plenty of inspiration right there. Happy reading gents!