'Every superhero needs a woman' were just one of my thoughts this morning. Seriously, wake up, grab a cup of coffee and think about superhero's needing a Mrs: Rise and shine! Naturally, I hopped on YouTube to see if any Superhero's were reaching out for a lady and boom: Danger Man, Urban Superhero is in need.

Ladies, have you ever yearned for a Superman in your life? Ladies, have you longed for a man that will gladly remind you that Jamaican lottery scams are, scams? Ladies, have you longed for a man who dresses up like Capt. America and reminds all of us that:

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, boy do I have the man for you.



Well there you have it! Danger Man, Urban Superhero is a:

Good guy, I save people. You know, I work real hard, ok

Ladies, that line alone must make you flow like a water fountain, no? What are you waiting for, get you some Danger Man before he finds himself a real life Mrs. Oh, and if you have kids: Danger Man is all about the kids: