I have no idea who this Ranger Danger character is but I think I both love and hate him all at the same time. I’m in a whirl wind of emotions and it all makes me so frustrated and angry. I just want to... I just want, ah-Yahh!

Recently a listener had turned me onto these obnoxiously terrible videos of Ranger Danger. I didn’t grow up here and by the looks of this program I’m sort of happy. but then again I kind of wished I would have witnessed this first hand as a young impressionistic child. Who knows I may be a better person today because of it.

From what I can gather about this Ranger Danger guy is that he was the Albany Version of Dave Coulier except less funny and less talented. Am I correct on this, this is children’s programming right? Like I’m not going to find out this was some local comedic legend of Albany who use to play the clubs and all the adults would talk about at the water cooler Monday morning. Even children deserve better than this. I know their minds are under developed and they haven’t a clue in the world but you can’t fill children’s minds with this mush. It’s not healthy for society.

Not to mention this guy is scarier too kids then he is funny. All he is teaching them in that hockey video is how to not be athletic, how to potentially catch type 2 diabetes and how to rub up against a bunch a musclely boys. But I guess those are actually all very important life lessons one should learn.

Thanks Vance R. for the video hook up!


PS: Is this what i have to look forward to when I look back at all my wrestling videos in 12 years? Will I feel as dirty watching those as I do watching these Ranger Danger? Most likely I'll feel stickier but I guess that's a bridge I'll have to cross when I come to it.