This past weekend many young girls and their families were gathered at Hotel Albany for a dance competition.  Turns out they got to see a little bit more than the recital though. 

Downtown Albany got a little bit hotter over the weekend.  At Hotel Albany, formally the Crowne Plaza, a steamy photo shoot got the attention of several parents in attendance for a dance competition featuring young girls.

According to CBS6,  the sexy girl on girl action was taking place in the pool area.  The manager of the hotel says that it was not authorized by the hotel for them to shoot said photos/video, but that didn't stop parents from complaining.  The girls and the photographer were asked to leave, and did just that.

Security failed to get any information from them before asking them to leave, which is unfortunate because they could have finished things up at the Q studio.  We don't have a pool, but the sink in the bathroom is pretty big.

[Via CBS6]