Not your typical brown-eyed girl. You can always find me dancing and am always on the go! I am very independent and do everything from changing my own flat tire to getting dressed up and rockin out where the party is at. Someday you will see me on TV as a Buffalo Jills Cheerleader or in Vegas as a Showgirl.

Q-Tease Bare All
Piercings 8
Tattoos 0
Favorite drink Cosmopolitan, buttery nipple, Bud Light Lime
What’s in your fridge condiments
Worst pickup line So, you come here often?
Favorite band Taylor Swift
Best concert Taylor Swift
Love or money Absolutely Love
Late night snack Whatever is given to me
Greatest Fantasy NFL Cheerleader, Showgirl in Vegas
Words to live by To dream of the person you would like to be is to waste the person you are