I'm crazy as a coconut, and need to be busy 24-7.  I love college, and my dog is the love of my life.  Football season is my favorite time of the year. Generally, you'll hear me talking about music, art, and fashion.  I'm pretty spontaneous, and have studied abroad in Costa Rica and Egypt. I plan to participate in gymnastics and cheer leading until the day I die. I'm pretty clumsy at times, maybe if you're lucky I'll fall for you.

Q-Tease Bare All
Piercings 8
Tattoos 1
Favorite drink Anything with Lime in it!
What’s in your fridge Eggs & Carrots
Favorite band Shinedown
Best concert Sound of Madness
Love or money Love
Late night snack Granola
24 hours to live.. what do you do? Bungee jump in New Zealand
Words to live by Training is the Opposite of Hoping