For an entire year I’ve talked about my pro wrestling adventures on the Q103 air waves and in December I finally climb into a wrestling ring in Troy NY.

I’ll be making my home town debut representing my “party peacock” self and Q103 on December 9th at the Troy boy’s and girl’s club. Be sure to come out and see how high this peacock can fly in a great new company called Wrestling is Awesome. I promise I wouldn’t invite you to this event if I didn’t think it would be fun. WiA has high flying action, masked characters and all around ridiculousness...oh yeah and I’ll be rocking tights and kicking people in the teeth. No Big Deal!

I’m overly excited to do this event for two reasons, First: I’ll get to sleep in my own bed that night and Second: this is finally my chance to show you in person what I do EVERY weekend.



This will give you an idea of what you’ll be in for