AMC's The Walking Dead is set to premiere this Sunday and it's fan base has been waiting a while to get a look at this second season.  To prep yourself for the show you can Zombie-Fy yourself via the Walking Dead facebook page.  I decided to have some fun last night with this cool new toy.

So what would us here at Q103 look like if a couple of us were zombies and a couple were survivors trying to fight off the apocalypse?  I decided to find out last night when I learned about this facebook tool.

I used the best matches available to dress up myself, Mrozek, Rob Dawes and Dru.  I decided to make myself and Mrozek into zombies while turning Rob and Dru into some of the last humans that will have to fight us off.   The only thing I was really disappointed in was that they didn't have long golden locks for me to put onto zombie Mrozek.  So here we are, the Q staff as zombies.  Happy Halloween!













Rob Dawes



































Zombie-fy yourself and spread the dead over on the Walking Dead facebook.  Share your spread the dead photos with us here and on the Q103 facebook page.   The Walking Dead premiers on Sunday night, don't miss it!