In case you didn't know it, HBO is in town this week filming a documentary in downtown Albany and Schenectady.  Q103's own Monte was right in the action as an extra.

That's right, Monte was right in the middle of the action during Thursday's shoot in downtown Albany.  It was suppose to be set in the late 1960's Washington DC. A lot of angry war protests going on at that time. We hear that they told him to swear a lot too.  We don't think he had a problem with that direction.

While he was on set he was able to snap us some behind the scenes pictures, before they took his phone away.  Yep, Monte was busted.  No, not really, but who brings their phone to a movie set anyway?  We probably aren't suppose to have a couple of these pics, but we are a bit rebellious.  Kind of like Monte's character, which we have dubbed Flannel McAngry.

Check out video of FOX 23 news doing coverage of the shoot. This also stars Monte!