Talking into a microphone is only one of my talents. I also wear tights and make bird noises on the weekends. If you missed the recent 787 Pro Wrestling show in Troy NY then you missed my tag team partner and I kicking dudes in the face.

Hundreds of the Albany area’s wrestling fans came to show support for the local pro wrestling seen over the weekend. As your afternoon drive host on Q103 I am proud to have been a part of the show for 787 pro wrestling and perform in front of my new home town crowd. This was especially special for me because it was the first time the people of Albany got to see me perform alongside another Peacock, my tag team partner from Buffalo Wil Calrissian. If you were unable to come to the show then see the video and check out what you missed out on. Also plan on join me and the rest of the crew at the next event.