Want to score a rock filled summer getaway on the Q? Well, my friend, here is your chance!

Johnny Perilla, Loudwire

Summer is in full swing which means it is time for summer vacations and rock shows! What if I told you that this summer Q103 is combining the two and wants to send you on a little summer vacation where you will enjoy a live performance by Green Day!

Green Day are going to be rocking out at the legendary Wrigley Field, you know, the home of the World Champion Chicago Cubs, on August 24th!

The Q and our friends at Warner Brothers Records wants to send you to the Windy City to see the show and we want to cover all your costs! Well hook you up with your tickets into the show, round trip airfare for two, two nights hotel stay, an autographed Green Day vinyl, and even throw in $500 cash so you have a little scratch to play with while you're there!

If you want this trip to be yours all you have to do is make sure you are a Q103 ROCKAHOLIC and sign yourself up! If you are not a ROCKAHOLIC yet it's all good, you can sign up right now by clicking HERE!

Green Day