We were inspired by one of our sister rock stations in Grand Rapids, WGRD; home to the Free Beer & Hot Wings Show to count down the Top 10 Best Booty Shakin' Videos.   One of the first things I would like to know is what would possess girls to do this and where can I find these girls in the Albany area? Enjoy!

10.  Barbie Girl shakes her booty

Love the background. Her dresser is a mess. You should definitely clean it up before you booty shake, but then again who is looking at the background.

9.  How Low Can You Go?

Daisy Dukes never looked this good - Shake it girl!

8. Sexy Moves for Rob

Now I am impartial to this one, as she is shaking for a guy named Rob. The funny thing about this is the baby crib in the background. She can do some incredible things with her hip though.

7. Hot Latino Booty Shake

A little advice here.. please stop adjusting your panties!

6.  Simple is Best?

Simple yet very appealing.. another hot latino girl doin her thing.  She lets the video do the talking.

5.  Sexy Seductive

Wow. This girl is very sexy and very seductive. I could watch this one for hours and this is one of many videos she has posted on YouTube.

4.  The Baby Sitter Booty Shake.

You go out with your wife and leave the kids home with the baby sitter. You come home to find out the baby sitter borrowed your webcam. Tell your wife you need to make sure she gets home safely - Offer to drive her home.

3.  College Girl Booty Shake

Alone in a dorm room. This hot brunette knows how to shake her booty to of all songs 'Sweet Dreams'. Even does the hand bra for us!

2.  Booty B Shakin and Droppin Like It's Hot

Her facial expressions in this video are the reason why she is number 2!

1.  The  Hottest Booty Dance

I have to believe this girl is the hottest and best booty shakin on YouTube. She even uses editing to get the full effect! Check out the many video's she has posted including strip teases. One word... WOW!