It’s Pure Madness! Q103 has put together the greatest compilation known to man- The Babe Brackets!!  Now down to the FINAL FOUR.  Vote for your favorite to win it all! 

What better way to get into the spirit of the NCAA Basketball Tournament than with our Q103 Babe Brackets?

It stated with 64 hot babes in bikinis or other various scantily clad clothing. Blondes, brunettes, red heads. All bracketed in regions and ready for your vote now.

Each round will be opened for a predetermined amount of time. Vote for EVERY matchup!

See hot women going head to head in a totally gratuitous display of skin for page views. Will a 16 seed beat a 1?  Hell ya.. they're all hot! Select the hottest babe on the Q103 Babe Brackets to win it all!

Vote as often as you like.  Make sure that the babe you select goes all the way and its just a fun way to look at hot chicks too.

Besides, it’s probably the most productive thing you’ll do all day!
Q103 Go Rock Yourself at 1035 & 1039!