All of the Q-Tease, myself included,  are always on the prowl to keep our wardrobe and look creative, exciting and edgy. Q-Tease Jen will probably agree with me 100%  on this post because I know she loves Kohl's.

Right now, winter fashion is transitioning into spring fashion. This means everything is on sale, and you don't have to deal with maniac shoppers like you would have for December.  Whether there is a crowd or not, Kohl's is always number one for crowd management, customer service, and most  importantly, sales (again, ask Jen, she was there for Black Friday).

I had $40 dollars in "Kohl's Cash" (a coupon that acts as a gift card for $40 in savings) that started this past Monday. Actually, my mom had $40 in Kohl's Cash, and gave me it because she is wonderful (thanks, Mom!).  I completely took advantage of this promotion and figured I'd look for sexy boots because boots are so expensive, and it really grinds my gears being a poor college student.

I ended up purchasing two pairs of boots for less than $40. The starting prices of each pair of boots were over $100. I had over $200 dollars in savings already, and would not have spent a dime because of my Kohl's Cash.  So to compensate for being a thrifty shopper, I purchased fuzzy "Snooki-like" slippers that were on clearance for $6 because I love the slippers Snooki wears on Jersey Shore.

The first pair of boots listed are by Simply Vera Wang. They're leather and go up past my shins. They are on clearance for $21. They are decked out with studs and rhinestones, and I'm a girl that loves to sparkle!  The original price was 109.99!

The second pair are by Apt 9. They're  suede and are over-the-knee boots. They are on sale for $17.  Seriously,  I feel bad for the people that paid over $100 dollars for these boots at their original prices. Ouch!

If you love sales as much as I do, I suggest you check out Kohl's these next couple weeks. Plus, it would make my day seeing other listeners sporting the same boots I'm wearing.