Q-Tease Jen and I love to blog. For this concert, we decided to create a mega post on how great the Saturday concert with Apocalyptica was. 'A' most certainly is for awesome.

Jen wrote a lot (I mean a ton) about the show itself. Instead of leaving out all her important thoughts, I decided to write about my experience at the station earlier in the day and a bit about the beginning of the show. Besides, I agree with everything she had to say, and she was a lot more detailed than I could ever be. So if you prefer to read about Jen's thoughts during the show, scroll down, down, down. Although, I encourage you to read everything.

Before the show (Q-Tease Amanda):

Being a Saturday, I had no plans whatsoever before I worked the Apocalyptica concert at Northern Lights. No, I didn't partake in the St. Patty's events that were in Albany. I had my own sober fun at the station with Mrozek, Q103's station photographer, and the boys of Apocalyptica.

I showed up to the station fashionably late (woops) just as the guys started to air a live performance of Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters." Everyone was incredibly welcoming, and let me crawl through the crammed studio of stringed instruments. Unfortunately, I was flying solo as the only Q-Tease at this point, but there was no awkwardness at all. I was of course in the way of the video camera taping the performance. As Rob Dawes says, I have a way of making my presence known.

The guys had no problem with me photographing them. They were very much into their music as they performed both their songs in the studio. I felt silly photographing them with a film camera from the 80's for a school project. Of course, you know that was so 1980. Seriously, how dare I have to wind my own film manually?

Anyways, like any in-studio event, I tried staying out of the way. The band had to pack up their stuff and head back to Northern Lights to get ready for the show. Between packing the car and doing an interview, I was able to to briefly chat with the guys and get a photo with them. They were incredibly fun and had great personalities. Any band that gives out hugs has won my heart. I'm a girl that loves to hug, and they were all about hugging.

Later at the show (Q-Tease Jen):

This past Saturday Finnish quartet cellists Apocalyptica performed at Northern Lights in Clifton Park. Amanda and I were lucky enough to meet them and see their amazing stage presence, as well as their awesome one-on-one presence.

I cannot say enough good things about Eicca Toppinen, Paavo Lötjönen, Perttu Kivilaakso (who wears make up, glitter and black fingerless gloves with white stars!) and Mikko Sirén of Apocalyptica. If I went on and on for days it still wouldn't be enough. They are the friendliest, funniest most outgoing band I've met so far. During the meet and greet, they were more than happy to take as many pictures as their fans wanted, and they even did different poses for each picture. They didn't just stand there emotionless waiting for pictures to be over, they embraced the time they had with everyone and made the best of it.

After pictures, their awesome tour manager, Tony, told the boys to spread out and mingle with the meet and greet group. "Find a Finnish person, meet a Finnish person, talk to a Finnish person," he kept saying. So the boys talked to everyone who approached them, giving hugs and exchanging laughs. They didn't rush, they didn't act like they couldn't wait to get away. They truly loved conversing with their fans, some of whom they knew from other shows, and were happy to sign anything and answer any question. They asked to sign Amanda and I, so they signed my shirt and then Amanda's arm! They even loved interacting with everyone so much that Tony had to take them away and the doors opened 20 minutes later than scheduled due to the meet and greet. I think the band would've just hung out all night if given the chance. They are just amazing and have a real interest in their fans. They're so real and down-to-earth as well. I told them how much I loved their accents, and one of them said "yea we can't talk that's our accent!"

The show started with local band Selfish Needy Creatures, which is composed of Vegas (who also works at Lights), Karl, Will and Johnny. They play quite often, so this was the second time I've seen them. Vegas has an energetic stage personality and puts everythng into his voice. They played a handful of songs, including "Blame," "Trick" and "Rock n' Roll will save you Soul."

After what seemed like hours, and a brief introduction by Mrozek, Apocalyptica took the stage. We only stayed for about the first half hour or so, but it was the most amazing, inspirational half hour ever. When they first formed in 1993, they were mainly a string Metallica tribute band. They started the show with a few covers, including "Master of Puppets." Imagine hearing Metallica with no words, and nothing else except a trio of cellos and a set of drums. It was amazing and I had chills the entire time. I don't get them easily with music, so when I do I know what I'm witnessing at that moment will be something I will remember forever.

After a few covers, Apocalyptica performed a bunch of their own songs, with Tipe Johnson of Leningrad Cowboys as their vocalist for this tour. They opened with "End of Me," which got the crowd roaring, and there was even a guy who was trashed, and he was trying to really rock out that he kept falling in the trash can!

We left in the middle of the next song, but it didn't take long to realize how sick the show was and how talented the band is. Drummer Mikko just goes crazy with passion for his instrument, and the other three choose to play cellos, sort of upright guitars with bows, to get their musical point across. The lighting was also amazing. There were lights of every color that just enhanced the band really made the show look spectacular. It was the perfect night.