Now it's a Q-Tease's turn to review! Obviously, our biggest concert of the year, Q-Ruption was last night, and a surprising 12,138 of you rockers came out to celebrate and enjoy it with us! I thoroughly enjoyed both Egypt Central and co-headliners Five Finger Death Punch, and thought they both put on a very worthy show.

Memphis, Tennessee rock quartet Egypt Central took the stage second, after Play for the Stage winners Selfish Needy Creatures put on an amazing show where they definitely proved they were deserving of the winning spot. I had only seen EC once before, so it was really cool to see them play such a big show at a huge venue.

I was lucky enough to be right in front of the stage for their performance, as it was still early and the

 majority of people weren't there yet. Between that and the lasting daylight, I had a great view of the band and got some great pictures as well. The vocalist, who reminds me of Disturbed's David Draimen in a way, was right on cue with every song and sounded very melodic and was very musically fortifying to the point of where I felt every pore on my body being invigorated with the music. The goosebumps and chills I got were just proof that my body loved the musical treatment it was getting and that every inch of me was rocking out in its own way. This is what real music does to a passionate rock and metal lover. My heart just sends out musical love notes to the rest of me and I just let it take over me, basking in every second of glory I am blessed to have and witness.

Egypt Central played a handful of songs, including White Rabbit album singles "Kick Ass" and awesome title song "White Rabbit," as well as my all-time EC favorite and first single off of their debut, self-titled album- "Make Me Sick."

After bands Sick Puppies and Skillet rocked the stage, co-headliners Five Finger Death Punch put on a unforgettable performance. I've never been a huge fan of the Los Angeles quintet, but after seeing them live for the first time, I got to really see how amazing they were.

I have to give them credit as well, because they were down a band member, as he was not able to get a flight to New York on time. Instead of looking at the situation in a negative way, the group took it in stride and were still able to deliver an amazing performance. The rest of the band alone spent 11 hours in the air just to make it to Q-Ruption, so many thanks to them for making it that much more memorable.

FFDP frontman was the only member to go barefoot, and he also cleared up a few rumors that he said

 he heard about himself. One being that he had 14 children, and another being that he had a huge, uh, well you know. He told the crowd that both were untrue, and manned-up to the fact that his was average, making the crowd roar.

The band put on a powerful performance and sang a bunch of songs, including "Salvation," "No One Gets Left Behind," "Never Enough," "Bad Company," "Far From Home" and my personal favorite, "The Bleeding."

The first annual Q-Ruption was beyond a huge success. The bands were amazing, the crowd was plentiful and insane and the entire day as a whole was simply one that I know I won't forget. Thanks to all of the bands, workers and fans that came out for our summer blowout concert.

Were you at Q-Ruption? What band was your favorite?