I am not a sports girl, at all. I never liked playing, watching or pretending to be interested in them. I think they're boring, pointless and a waste of time. I'm a metal chick who loves music, period. However, this past Friday, I had the opportunity to attend a hockey game, so I took it, and to my surprise, I had a blast.

The game took place at the Times Union Center, and featured the Albany Devils against the Connecticut Whales. The tickets were only $10 since the season is just starting, and that also got us drinks and hot dogs for only $1 each!

We got good seats, but since the arena was only about 10% full, we moved up to the second row- right behind the plexiglass. My friend said we'd be safer there anyway, because if a puck went flying, it'd be less likely to hit us. However, I'd later find out that's not always true!

The first period was all new for me. A bunch of guys skating around aggressively for a tiny little puck

 just seems so dumb, but it was so much fun! Every time they slammed into the glass in front of us I'd gasp and grab my friend tightly. I couldn't help it! The first of about three fights soon broke out, and left one of the players with a bloody head! At first I was thinking here are grown men acting like children, but my friend explained they work each other up and are allowed to fight because it gets it out of their system. It made sense, and I enjoyed the fighting, so I shut up after that.

At the end of the second period, the score was Whales 2 to 0, so the Devils had a lot of work to do. During the third period, the puck did go flying! It was so close to hitting me and the couple behind us and then landed in the corner above us. My friend ran to get it, as a group of little boys tried to beat him to it. My friend ran and then sat down so he wouldn't fall, and grabbed the puck, as I yelled "get it get it get it!" He rose it in the air and got up, yelling "it's still cold!" I was so happy and excited that out of the entire arena he got it. He loves the New Jersey Devils as well, so it definitely meant a lot to him.

I don't know how they did it, but hockey is definitely unpredictable and anything can happen. The Devils managed to tie the game by the end of the third period, which meant overtime. No one scored during those five minutes, which then meant a shootout, which is apparently rare. It took awhile, but eventually the Devils scored and won the game! Player #20- Taormina, who my friend came to love because they shared a look and nod, scored the first goal in the shootout, which made the game simply perfect.

I couldn't imagine a better first game. Everything that could possibly happen did, and more. I definitely want to go to more hockey games in the future, even though none will compare to the first one!

 Are you a hockey fan? Do you enjoy going to games?