This past weekend I spent the craziest time of my life in Syracuse, NY. Never have I ever gone to a concert with so much drinking and so much breast flashing. I spent my weekend in Syracuse to attend Krockathon at the New York State Fairgrounds. Literally, 8am the party began and only the strongest got out alive.

Stone Temple Pilots, Seether, Bush, Dropkick Murphys, Hollywood Undead, Sick Puppies, The Airbourne Toxic Event, My Darkest Days, Bayside, Rose Hill Drive, Jetstream, and the Click Clack Boom were the bands performing at the show. This was a great line-up, seeing as some of the artists, such as Sick Puppies will be performing at Q-Ruption in a couple weeks. Stone Temple Pilots and Drop Kick Murphys are also making their way to Albany too.

The original plan for this blog was to review the performance of the bands, but my experience in the parking lot alone, was more than enough to blog about. As I arrived to the fairgrounds, pools of jello were being filled for the annual jello fights between ladies fighting to take each others' clothes off. Yes, this was an on-going event, and, no, I was not a competitor, nor will I ever be as I am not interested in being exploited on the internet through cell phone photos. Not to mention I'm not looking to give a show either.

Beer pong tables were lined up down the parking lots. People were dancing on the roofs of their cars. Beads  were being  exchanged for a peek at boobs. People were selling jello shots, jello syringes, bowls, and even sketch-balls claiming to have the best drugs were roaming the parking lots. By 9am some people were already getting carted away in stretchers due to alcohol poisoning.

If you were wondering, sheriffs and concert security were roaming the parking lot to make sure things weren't getting too out of hand. Of course there still were fights that were getting broken up. There were also two porta-potties and if you didn't want to wait in the endless line, you peed between your car or adventured over to a horse barn. The parking lot reeked of urine after the show, which is something I'd like to forget.

I did actually make it into the show. Sick Puppies, of course, were among my favorite performers.  Although Hollywood Undead, once again, won my heart over. They put on a killer performance just like they did at Northern Lights last week. Speaking of killing, I almost got trampled in the crowd. Can't say I've ever been knocked to the ground at a show, but it was a pretty terrifying.

I completely stand by the fact that Albany definitely knows how to rock so much harder, but Syracuse really can throw one hell of a party. It was a truly amazing experience and I will be rocking out there for years to come. Now it's time to bring on Q-Ruption!