For those of you that don't know, I've been a gymnast my entire life. I transitioned into cheerleading during my final years in high school. Still today, at 22, I'm still tumbling, flipping, and flying. Currently I'm a tumbling instructor outside of work and a cheerleader for the Open team at Triple Threat All-Stars. I've also coached at Cheer Dome Angelz in Oneonta and it was incredibly rewarding working with those girls. I helped so many young girls improve their skills in cheerleading in all levels. My final days at the gym were very tough because it took forever for the girls to get used to my strict teaching, but after I left they were very upset to see me leave the organization to move back to Albany. I still miss them and they will always have a special place in my heart as I have continued my cheerleading career in my hometown.

I've also cheered in college and at a semi-pro level. As a matter of fact, I tried out for the New Jersey Nets Team Hype a few years back. For those of you that don't support cheerleading as a sport, come to one of my practices or classes, and I will prove you wrong.