Instead of getting your valentine the same old bouquet of red roses this year, get her a dozen roses of various colors. The following six rose colors each have a different meaning, so you can actually put thought into it and say what you want without using words.

Sure, red roses are beautiful, classic and romantic, but why not do something different this year and get an array of them, making a bouquet of rainbow-colored roses. It will mean, and say, more than you think.

Yellow roses: bright like the sun, the yellow rose symbolizes happiness, friendship and delight. It can be used to say "get well" or "welcome back." It's a perfect color for a close friendship, as it stands for platonic love and appreciation without being too romantic. Yellow roses are guaranteed to cheer anyone up and put a smile on their face.

Orange roses: the orange rose is a mix of red and yellow, which means it represents friendship and love together. It is the perfect choice for a friendship that has turned into love. Going from yellow to red symbolizes a huge progression in a relationship, so orange is a good transitioning color. It can also mean fascination, pride, desire or enthusiasm.

Pink roses: the pink rose takes a softer approach to romance and love. They are a good choice for a new, budding romance, as they say you care deeply, but are not in love yet. Pink also represents elegance, grace and sweetness. Based on the light or dark shade of pink, it can also mean appreciation, gratitude, gentleness, admiration and joy.

Red roses: original and timeless, the red rose symbolizes true love and lust. Based on the shade of red, it can also mean beauty, courage, respect, congratulations or a job well done. Throughout history it has also been seen as a symbol of politics and religion.

White roses: the white rose is delicate and pure, and symbolizes innocence, spirituality, unity, virtue, honor and reverence. They are the symbol of marriage and are often used in weddings. Other symbols include happy love, silence, secrecy, heavenly and youthfulness.

Lavender roses: rare but beautiful, the lavender rose stands for majesty, royalty, enchantment, splendor and love at first sight. The deeper the purple, the deeper the meaning.

There's also meaning in the number of roses you get your valentine:

  • One rose: sometimes more romantic than a dozen roses, a single rose represents utmost devotion
  • Two roses: roses are rarely given out in pairs, but they can mean being entwined together to say "marry me"
  • Six roses: Half a dozen roses symbolizes the need to be loved and cherished
  • Eleven roses: this assures your significant other that they are truly and deeply loved
  • Thirteen roses: a "baker's dozen" of roses simply represents a secret admirer

I've always liked twelve roses not necessarily for Valentine's Day, but for a yearly anniversary, as it represents one rose for each month you are together.

So guys, I hoped this has helped a little bit, and that this year you will put more thought into your Valentine's Day present. Don't be a typical guy and wait until the night before. You have ten days left so start planning now! I guarantee that it will put a smile on her face and will warm her heart. Trust me, being a woman, I know any girl would love a bouquet of different-colored roses, all with a different meaning. So go to your nearest flower shop and pick out the most perfect bunch of roses you can!