So the last few days there’s been this mysterious cd sitting on my boss’s desk that I’ve been curious about because it features some legendary rockers such as Paul Stanley, Alice Cooper, Billy Gibbons, Steve Vai and plenty more. To see everyone that’s on it, click here. Well, today was the day I popped it in and was blown away! I was literally just sitting there smiling and laughing out loud as I enjoyed all the amazing sounds I heard from the 80’s, but done so well. It was amazing! I would describe it as The Darkness meets Queen on crack. The band is called Pushking and their new cd is entitled “The World As We Love It.” Apparently these guys have been around since ’94. I can’t believe I never heard of them before. There are many different flavors on the disc, but I chose this one called “Why Don’t You?” for you to sample. It features Glenn Hughes on vocals, most famously known for a couple stints with Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. is their website to find out more.