Thousands gathered Sunday morning to see what Punxsutanwey Phil would predict for the remainder of this year's winter and it's not looking good.

Phil rose from his home around 7:28 AM. By tradition, if Phil sees his shadow that means six more weeks of Winter is in store for us this year. Interestingly enough though, the 'prediction' is made in advance of the annual Groundhog Day celebration.

Phil's handlers released a poem to go along with this year's prediction:

A Super Bowl winner I will not predict,

But my weather forecast, you cannot contradict,

That's not a football lying beside me

It's my shadow you see

So, six more weeks of winter it shall be!

Phil has seen his shadow a total of 101 times now and hasn't a grand total of it 17 times.

Of course, some understand how silly it is to base a weather prediction on a Groundhog seeing his shadow. Of those are the National Climatic Data Center who says Phil's 'predictive skills' are sorely lacking.

It really isn't a 'bright' idea to take a measure such as a groundhog's shadow and use it as a predictive meteorological tool for the entire United States.

In any case, more snow is predicted for the Capital Region this up coming week. Stay tuned to Q103 for all the latest weather updated and road conditions.