It looks like Puddle of Mudd front man Wes Scantlin has been having a little too much touring and playing music that he has neglected some very important things- like paying taxes. It was recently discovered that the blonde rock star owes a combined California state and federal tax debt of around $60,000.

The tax bills date back to 2009. The Los Angeles Recorder's office court documents indicate that Scantlin owes $45,000 to the federal government and around $17,000 to the state.

A source that is close to the vocalist wouldn't comment, but said the situation is being handled.

This isn't the first instance to make Scantlin look bad. Back in 2004 he was arrested for disorderly conduct after stopping a show right on stage. The reason, he told the audience, was that he was too wasted to continue on with the show.

He was also in the news recently after revealing to the public that he was divorcing his wife after just three years of marriage.

Hopefully Scantlin gets his act together and pays his dues and debts- before it puts his musical career in jeopardy.

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