Everyone has 'pet peeves.' Some are more rational than others, but one that disturbs us the most; the lack of bathroom etiquette in public restrooms.

From not washing your hands to people who love to chat while doing their business, we've decided to issue a bit of a refresher on the proper etiquette for public restrooms. We hope you find these informative, yet amusing.

  • 1

    Get In, Get Out

    This isn't the break room or a high school reunion, please do your business and get out. Nothing annoys us more than people who decide it's a great idea to catch up and chat to no end.

    The bathroom is a place to relieve one's self, please us it as such.

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    Flush, PLEASE!

    We get it, you're proud of what you've accomplished during your time in the bathroom. The rest of the world, however, doesn't care to know or see the results of your Sloppy Joe lunch. Please flush upon completion of your business. In fact, a courtesy flush during the process would be greatly appreciated as well to help relieve the stench you are creating as well

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    2 Stall Rule, Keep Your Eyes Forward

    If there are multiple urinals, rule of thumb is one between each patron of the bathroom. We get that some major events like concerts or sports where there are a ton of people this rule won't apply, but any other instance it applies.

    Also, keep your eyes forward. This isn't a competition to compare one's self to another. It's already uncomfortable enough with you next to me, I don't need you trying to sneak a gander.

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    Don't Talk To Me

    If I don't know you - don't try to strike up a conversation. Last thing I want to do is talk to some stranger while I am trying to go to the bathroom.

    Simple concept yet some people feel like this is the perfect time to talk to someone. Maybe it's because they know you are trapped until you finish. We don't know, just don't talk to someone you don't know.

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    Wash Your Hands

    There is nothing more disgusting then seeing someone either just handle their junk or exit a stall after 'dropping the kids off' and not wash their hands.

    What's wrong with you? No one wants to share the germs of what you just did, especially if it was No.2.

    These people are among the most disgusting. Wash your hands properly before heading back out in to the world.

    David Hernandez