You got to love it when people confuse a hippy protest at a Senate hearing for a good old fashion filthy strip club.  I’m not completely positive what this protest is all about but I do know they totally spreading the word. When protesting something you really truly believe in everyone knows it’s important to make sure you are herd and taken serious.

What’s the best way to ensure people listen to what you got to say? That’s right, treating the politicians and government officials like they are cheap whores and throwing crumpled up dollar bills at them. Nothing says “I’m an adult and deserve to have my voice herd too” like crawling through a window and treating a meeting/hearing as if it were the foam party at Coachella. And if the strip club patron approach isn't working then try storming the halls and making lots of ruckus. Remember the one who sticks money to their face in the cleverest way wins.

Facts and numbers don’t change people’s minds. But clever rhyming chants, now that’s what really makes the difference in this world.