Pro wrestling stars from WWE, TNA and Ring of Honor TV will all meet in Amsterdam, NY for the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame weekend with 2CW. When you come to the show, you’ll also be able to see your favorite Q103 radio personality rocking the tights and wrestling people’s faces off. (I’m totally talking about me).

Weekdays I rock the airwaves on Q103 in Albany, but on the weekends I lace up the boots and drop kick suckers in the face. Although I wrestle nearly every weekend, it’s not too often I get to do it in the Albany area. Friday May 16, 2CW is coming to Inman Senior Center in Amsterdam, NY and it’s my chance to perform the Q103 listeners' faces off!

If you love wrestling but have only seen the big shows on TV, this is your chance to get close to the action. This will be a much smaller setting than you are used to and you will feel more like you are part of the show. The action in the ring is just as big as you see on TV, but now it is up-close and personal. (I must warn you, if you stare into my beautiful brown eyes for too long at this event, you may discover some things about yourself you might not be ready to accept.)

Former and current TV stars of the wrestling world will be in attendance, like Kevin Steen, Chris Hero, Colin Delaney, Chris Sabin and even some wrestling legends. I’m not saying you should come to this show, but I am letting you know my super cool muscles and awesome hair are totally going to be there.