Amateur bouts in Mixed Martial Arts are allowed in the state but profession ones have yet to pass the "moral objections" of our state legislature.

The Times Union reports that backers of making the sport legal in the state think this is their year. New York and Connecticut are the only states left in the country to not allow professional bouts to take place.

The UFC has been making ground with other MMA backers to help push through laws that would finally allow the television leader in the sport to bring fights to the state.

One major issue at hand for those members of the senate that oppose the sport - moral issues. Last time I check, we didn't elect you to make moral judgement. We elected you to better the state and let's face facts here, MMA is the fastest growing sport in the country. It was moved from being a simple Pay-Per-View event to now featuring Televised events on major networks like Spike TV and, most recently, Fox.

This could be the year though that we finally get the law through. Several major opponents have retired. In fact, Majority Leader Ron Canestrari is being succeeded as the chamber's leader by Joe Morell of Rochester; who is a supporter of bringing the sport to the state.

Some members of the legislature are still not convinced, siting their conversations with boxing promoters and fighters who are passing off MMA as "not a sport" because fighters are allowed to kick, grapple, etc. Old school mentality anyone? Boxing is the dying breed and MMA is making huge grounds in the sports world. This past weekend, the UFC had their very first female fight as the main event on their PPV.

Sure both sports can have boring matches but have you watched boxing lately? When a guy if needed a rest he just grabs on to his opponent until the ref takes 10 seconds to break them up - How is that entertaining? I get frustrated watching boxing anymore and find more excitement in MMA.

Want proof the sport is viable in New York - Go the to Buffalo Wild Wings in Clifton Park when there is a PPV and watch how many people show up. There's usually a wait for a table, even a seat at the bar, because people love to watch it.

I can only hope that laws are approved to finally bring the sport to the state of New York. In the meantime, Q103 is sending you to see it in California! Get the details HERE!