Free Beer brought up the topic of possible human immortality by the year 2045, which led to a lengthy and substantive discourse on the nature of reality and the meaning of human existence.

Actually, the guys mostly talked about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

While going over the crazy details of Russian mogul Dmitry Itskov’s organization and its plans to have people transferred into avatar-like bodies, Producer Joe made a reference to Krang from the Ninja Turtles. The guys gave Joe a hard time over that reference. Apparently the Ninja Turtles craze missed them by a few years and they didn’t exactly get the reference.

But Joe held strong, saying that the reference was solid and would be a hit. It wasn’t long before the emails started flooding in, defending Joe’s reference. Free Beer, Hot Wings and Zane then educated themselves with some quick searching online and soon enough, they got on board with the Krang train.

Hot Wings laughed that Krang had little arms and wondered why a brain needed arms in the first place. Free Beer joked that people could throw garbage into the opening in the body, while Zane observed that ”Krang kinda looks like the old intern Jared.”

If you want to take a trip down memory lane or see what the heck Joe was talking about, check out the video below. Maybe it’s the quality or the subtitles, but we’ll just say this – Krang doesn’t hold up quite so well: