Producer Joe has gone on a lot of adventures as of late, but this latest one may have been the most dangerous ones yet.  Him, along with Producer Steve and a couple listeners, ran with the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain and Joe got a bit too close for comfort with one of the bulls.

Producer Joe's stunts have come a long way since he first joined the show and jumped into a dryer.  He has now been sent over seas twice for big events.  First was the Royal Wedding, and yesterday he got to run with the bulls in Spain.

I couldn't imagine doing this.  Just listening to them play the audio of him there was nerve racking.  He was put in some very dangerous positions too.  When the run began he was right next to a steer and then while in the ring he had a couple close calls with some of the baby bulls, which stand as tall has Producer Joe.

Just as the guys were ready to let Joe go and say good job, chaos ensues.  Joe attempts to touch the baby bull and it circles around him, pushes him around and finally lifts Joe up with it's horns and slams him straight into the ground.  One of the listeners with him stepped in to distract the bull from going after Joe, and he gets knocked around too.  The audio is incredible, and we are all glad Joe and Steve made it out of there alive.

Joe & Steve Run With The Bulls:

Joe & Steve in the bull ring:

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