I’ve had a lot of crazy things happen while I was in the ring. But never had I had a body part explode. (Thankfully)

According to USA Today John Levi Miller an independent Professional wrestler claims his testicle had to be removed because of the negligence of his opponent last June. He was kicked in the balls so hard during his match that doctors had to remove it the next day.

Now, I have been hit in the dick, the balls, the head and the face a lot of times. But fortunately for me I still have all my testicles. All 4 sit comfortably between my legs. But never had I had a match where I decided 1 ear later I should sue the guy who hurt me. This business had risk and mistakes are made. And I don’t under stand what John Levi Miller is so mad at? If anything this guy just gave him an undeniable gimmick. Think about it “John Levi Miller the one ball wonder boy”!