What a week! We had both Primus and Rise Against shows right after each other.Tuesday night we Primus at The Palace. A sold out show, good thing the Q-tease came bearing gifts. We gave away a bunch of tickets to fans looking just to get in.


Get a photo with the Q-tease? Find them here.

Also we have photos from the show.

And on Wednesday Rise Against came to Northern Light to shoot some footage. If you were at the show you just might be in Rise Against's next video. As a station photographer I run into so many challenges when shooting a rock concert. But not only did Rise Against rise bodies over the barricade on top of me but I also had to dodge a film crew shooting the show. As always the Step Up crew did a great job keeping everyone safe. Rise Against always puts on a high energy show and Wednesday was no different.


Here are your photos with the Q-tease.

Plus photos of all the bands that Rocked Northern Lights.