What happens when two 80 year old priest have a disagreement? They fight it out with one biting the other's ear off. What could cause two men of peace and the Lord to thrown down in a classic WWE parking lot style brawl?

According Perth Now, it was all over a parking spot. Father Thomas Byrne, 80, appeared in court Friday of last week to stand for his actions against Father Thomas Smith, 81. Apparently it all started when Smith wouldn't give up his parking spot in the apartment complex they share. After a brief scuffle, Bryne told Smith to pick up an item from the ground. Smith grabbed the fleshy item and returned to his apartment only to find out it was a his own ear!

Smith wrapped it up in a towel and drove to the local hospital where he had surgery to reattach the body piece. Bryne was told by the judge to not go within 30 feet of Smith or have any communication. Both men are funded by the Catholic Church and retired.

With that being said, cue up Mike Tyson/Evander Holyfield and the infamous fight