Supermarket chain Price Chopper announced it is changing the Fuel Advantage, their longest running and most successful promotion they have ever done. The promotion which began around the Capital Region in 2009 offers its shoppers a chance save money on gas purchased at Sunoco depending on how much they spend at Price Chopper. The change is NOT going over well with it's loyal shoppers.  Will the change affect your shopping?


Price Chopper has adjusted it rules for the Fuel Advantage. Beginning May 13th AdvantEdge Card holders will earn 10 cents off a gallon of gasoline for every $100 they spend. The current rate is 10 cents off a gallon of gasoline for every $50 they spend.   Now you'll need to spend more to save the same.

It's a marketing nightmare for the supermarket that is based in Schenectady New York- almost like a Netflix moment.  According to a statement from Price Chopper.

We have had an overwhelming number of customers tell us that they want to save more money on food. We are lowering prices all over the store and our ads will be hotter than ever.

With other grocery supermarket chains coming to the Capital Region like Shop Rite and Trader Joe's, I don't see how this helps.


Customers are upset because the gas discount helped you out no matter what. Cutting prices on 10,000 items doesn't help me if I only buy a few of those items. Way to stand by your customers.

It even appears that Price Chopper Facebook administrators are back pedaling and doing damage control in their responses to consumer feed back.

I'm sure we all knew that the Fuel Program wasn't going to last forever, and the prices at Price Chopper have seemed to increase.  It will be interesting to see if in fact the store does as it promises and lowers prices.  To be honest, I have given up on the Fuel program and now shop using the at home service from Shop Rite.  On the items I purchase and use, I've noticed that my weekly grocery bill is less.

Take our pol - because of the changes to the Fuel AdvantEdge program will you still shop Price Chopper?