Yesterday President Obama came out in support of same sex marriage.  He probably gained some support and lost some.  So why shouldn't people be able to marry whomever they want?

One of the hottest subjects on the table right now is gay marriage.  Are you for it, or against it.  It use to be pretty simple.  If you were conservative you opposed, and if you were liberal you were all for it.  Now, all that has changed.

It's a modern age, and many people that are both conservative and liberal lean in both directions.  On the Free Beer and Hot Wings show, they tackled this debate.  Hot Wings is famously conservative, but he says he is very open to the idea.  Zane, a devout Catholic is also okay with gay marriage because he feels that no one should be able to pass judgement like that.

Some big statements.  In reality though, it shouldn't be that big of a deal.  What's the difference if two people love each other?  They say that gay marriage is bad for the institution of marriage, yet a man and woman can marry and divorce as many times as they want.  That's good for it?  Not a chance.

Basically, marriage is about love.  If this world wants to move forward progressively we need to stop these stupid debates that are based on nothing more than old fools holding onto tradition.  Perhaps it's time to update the bible, because if God loves all of his children then he would be more okay with two men or two women who love each other for life getting married then some dude who gets divorced five or six times while cheating on his wife. Oh, but it's okay, because he's straight.