Your plans for Wednesday night are all laid out for you right here.  Get details on where you need to be, and maybe some hints to help you destroy the Q-Tease in a game of trivia.

Hello again, my cheating friends!  It's time to prep for your weekly game of trivia at Dublin's Restaurant and Lounge at 121 4th Street in Troy.  The questions start at 7pm and you need to be on top of your game, so I'm going to help you get the advantage.  This week, you'll be facing Q-Tease Amanda, and the newbie Q-Tease Jennifer, but don't be intimidated since they share half a brain-cell between them and you already have the answers to some of the questions.  Victory will be yours.

What kind of animal mates only once for 12 hours and can sleep for three years? - Snail
I'm almost certain every male in the room will express jealousy once this question is asked.  Should any of them ever find Zoltar at the next carnival, I guarantee wishing to be a snail would edge out any desire to be big.

What unit of measure are horses measured by? - Hand
This doesn't seem fair.  Do people with big hands feel like they're getting gipped on a horse that someone with smaller hands would get at a great deal?  There are these new-fangled things called rulers that might make things a little more even.  Give it a try, you may thank me.

What is the national sport of Japan? - Sumo Wrestling
Coincidentally, it's also the one sport that discourages anyone from watching it as the star players will never resemble David Beckham.

Which finger has the fastest growing nail? - Middle finger
Probably because it's the finger that gets the most exercise since it's extended at every driver on the Northway approximately every 12 seconds.

There you have it, cheaters.  Remember, you should have nothing to worry about when it comes to proving you have more knowledge than the Q-Tease, so even though winning is going to be easy, don't forget the greater the defeat, the sweeter the victory.  May the force be with you.