No, it's not the plot for the next Seth Rogen movie, this is actually happened. Three people were sent to the hospital, but it's still pretty amusing.

That must have been one hell of a wake! It seems that a stoner who recently passed on in Huntington Beach, California was a marijuana afficionado who indulged in pot brownies in life. In homage to the dearly departed, the same munchies were served at the funeral unbeknownst to some elderly guests of the service. The brownies were served, but didn't come with a warning sign, or any sign at all for that matter, to indicate what type of treat people were actually enjoying. Another fun perk is that this particular part of Cali isn't on board with the whole legalization thing even for medicinal purposes. So we have some seriously stoned senior citizens, and one dude who had a good intention that went bad - this movie-in-the-making just gets better and better!

The less funny side of the story is that three of the senior citizens who ate the brownies had to be taken to the ER due to the side effects - which brings us back to the funny side of the story. Symptoms included nausea, dizziness, and (my personal favorite) an inability to stand without assistance. It's hard to imagine what the effects of pot would be on my own grandpa, but I'm guessing it would be rather unpleasant. But that's why we enjoy the movies so much! They take the crap of life and turn it into comedic gold! It's okay to laugh at a wasted octogenarian when it's on the big screen. Just like how much more entertaining it is visualizing the scene this story will eventually become one day in "Pineapple Express 2: Bubbie's Baked."