The Postal Service has for years toyed around with various ideas to help cut cost and save the government money. Now a proposal is in front of the House that could eliminate door-to-door service completely.

The bill has support from the Postal Service saying it could save them a billion dollars a year. Eliminating door-to-door service would then require people to get a PO Box, curbside box, or share in a community cluster box.

Some say the elderly and disabled would be most effected by the change of having a community or PO Box as this could present a challenge of getting to their mail daily.

The Postal Service lost $16 billion last year and this proposal claims to save the agency upwards of $4 billion plus yearly. Postal Service spokeswoman Sue Brennan told Yahoo! News:

Converting delivery away from door delivery to either curb line or centralized delivery would enable the Postal Service to provide service to more customers in less time.

The agency claims they spend nearly $430 per year per house delivered to with door-to-door service. Curbside delivery only cost $224 per year and community cluster boxes $160 per address.

The proposal goes before the House of Representatives today (7/24).