When it comes to women in sports I usually have a one-way track mind. I’m a firm believer in “Women are not as good as men.” However, this chick might flip the switch.

According to USA Today the coach of Louisiana State college football team will be giving a try out to be the team’s new female kicker.

Now normally I would say this is silly, and she’ll never hold up like a male kicker would. Number one, she is a girl and chances are not nearly as strong as most male kickers. Number 2: she is super attractive… pretty girls are not supposed to be good at sports! At least not physical ones like football. My first reaction to this story was “this looks like a wacky stunt by some girl who is trying to prove she is just as good as any guy. All the people will say ‘oh she is so brave, what a star!’ and even if she fails people will still think highly of her.” How ever I think I’m starting to change my opinion after I watched a video of this girl playing soccer.

The leg on this girl is insane… and not bad to look at. She breaks the stereo types and I don’t like it! She’s pretty, strong and good at sports. The nerve of this girl!