Get your mind out of the gutter, kinda. The free porn-tube site 'Pornhub' is planting a tree for every 100 videos it's users watch.

On Pornhub's  'Give America Wood' site, the company writes: 'This Arbor Day Pornhub will do what it does best and give America serious wood by planting one tree for every 100 videos watched.'

For the record, the Give America Wood site is safe for work, although, and the 100 videos you have to watch are in a certain category (it starts with Big ;-))  by clicking 'Go Get Wood.'

Of course, Arbor Day has passed, but, the porn site is still offering users a chance to get more trees planted and happiness achieved by clicking the link above. By the way, over 13,000 trees are currently ready to be planted. That's an S-ton of videos!

If this is true, we have to give it up to Pornhub for keeping us entertained and helping the environment!

Happy viewing!