"It was a huge shock. I felt a thud on my head and then felt spines with my hands. The pain was enormous" recalls housewife Sandra Nabucco who was walking her dog in an affluent Brazilian neighborhood when a porcupine fell on her head.

Apparently, the porcupine was hanging from a telephone wire when the 52 year-old passed under. Unfortunately for her, the furry little rodent fell leaving her with 200 quills stuck in her melon.

Sandra ain't mad though, saying:

I am a strong woman; an old person or child would have died. I also care about the animals.  I saved its life. He broke his fall on my head.


After a bit of tweezer therapy Mrs. Nabucco was on her way, hopefully, walking with eyes on top of her head ;-)

Check out a pic of Sandra's melon with embedded quills via the link below.