Have you ever seen the Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich from Hardee's/Carl's Jr.? It's the top and bottom cookie of an Oreo with Ice Cream as the center filling. Delicious right? Trust me, it is.

Now comes news from Instagram of a Strawberry Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich. Yep, two Strawberry Pop Tarts stacked with Ice Cream in the center. The above picture surfaced on 4/20 (perfect timing) in the Southern California town of Newport Beach.

Though it's not nationally available at all Carl's Jr and Hardee's locations, this picture shows that this location is a test spot for the perfect stoner munchie. In an email to the Huffington Post "We have a policy of not commenting on products while they are in test."

Could we see it soon nationally? I sure hope so! But in the meantime I will attempt to make one myself at home (video to be posted soon)