Big time bands spend most of their days traveling around the world and visiting the biggest cities. It can all become overwhelming and distorted as they tour the same spots time and time again, but certain traits of places tend to stick in musicians minds. Pop Evil bassist Matt DiRito seems to remember women, as he gives his picks of the top five U.S. cities that house the "sexiest women."

Pop Evil released their successful sophomore album War of Angels last summer, and spent most of the year touring. They will be doing the same this year, as they embarked on a new tour last month. After a fortnight break, the tour will continue on March 30 in their home state and will run until the end of June. Some of the dates will be supported by Theory of a Deadman.

To kick off the tour, DiRito has given his list of the country's cities with the "sexiest women." Although the band hail from Michigan, none of the cities in the state made the list- sorry girls!

5- Baltimore, MD.

This city is centrally located between so many big cities. It's like a bowl of M&M's – you get a good mix of different styles of women. It's just a great "hub" for hotties.

4- Fargo, ND.

There's something about those corn-fed babes of the Midwest. They grow up working on daddy's farm and can drink most men under the table. Hard bodies and high tolerances? Sign me up!

3- Houma, LA.

I'm a sucker for a chick with a Southern accent. If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, then this is the place to be. Most of the girls down there grow up shooting their daddy's guns too. Combine all that with some real "Southern hospitality" and you will see why these women are so sexy.

2- Sturgis, SD.

OK, I might only be talking about the time during the actual Sturgis bike rally, but seriously, hot chicks and Harleys? Leather and liquor? If you have never been there, then it's time to get your ass out there and see what the black hills have to offer.

1- West Palm Beach, FLA.

You get all of the silicone overflow from Miami there, without all of the prissy chicks. West Palm is way more laid back. You get some of the hottest women in the world lying out on the beaches, and you don't have to wave your wallet to get their attention. This is for sure my favorite spot to find sexy women.

Even though this list is a little cocky, the fact that Fargo is on the list makes me chuckle, especially after seeing the movie Fargo, which is one of my favorites. Matt is a cool dude though, and quite sexy himself, along with the rest of the band, whom I can't wait to see and meet again someday, hopefully soon.

What do you think of his list? What's your top five list?