On Tuesday night, Albany was the home of Pop Evil's private concert at Jillian's, and Q103 was there to catch all of the action. Along with popular headliners Pop Evil, five other bands also performed: Silversyde, Museum Guards, The lost Sons, Finding Clyde and Kyng. I was there for four of the bands, and it was a fun-filled night complete with new and awesome music.

Unfortunately, I missed beginning acts Silversyde and Museum Guards, but as I arrived, local quartet The Lost Sons were just fixing to go on. I had seen them once before at Northern Lights, so it was nice to get up close and personal with them at a smaller venue. I had become friends with frontman Val after seeing and talking with him at Savannah's during Battle of the Bands, so seeing them perform this time around made me feel more connected to them.

The first thing I noticed was Val's mic stand, which had tribal-looking skulls on it, which of course I

loved. I also noticed how the back-up guitarist was all smiles through the entire performance, especially while they played the song which he wrote the lyrics for. I love when you can read what band members are thinking right on their face; you just know they love what they're doing, which is so reassuring in today's music world.

I also loved how the band played the s*** out of their instruments. The guitars and bass were rocked hard and used to their full advantage, and the drummer, who is Val's brother, caught my eye quite a bit. He just put all of his energy into banging the heck out of his drums, which he looked like he has outgrown a bit. I think he should put his little drum set aside and move on to a bigger, bad a** one, because he definitely has the talent and potential to go far with it.

Val and the bassist were also fun to watch. At one point, Val sat on the drums, crossed his leg and just played his guitar. It was an awesome performance, and, despite the tiny stage, the band used what space they did have to their advantage and fully delivered. The crowd reacted in a positive way as well. I was glad to see the band mature and really come into their own right in front of my eyes.

I very much enjoyed the band's new rock feel and vibe. They performed a handful of songs, including "To Hell and Back" and "The End," which was appropriately played last.

Out-of-town bands Finding Clyde and Kyngfollowed The lost Sons, and both rocked. Finding Clyde were super nice and talked with Rob for awhile after the show about their band, and provided him with some samples and even a signed guitar! Kyng are quickly rising in popularity, and despite being composed of only three members, they still mange to be a successful, potentially hugely famous band.

Grand Rapids rock headliners Pop Evil performed last, but before they took the stage, I got a chance to

talk to frontman Leigh Kakaty, which was awesome. He talked to Rob, the girls and I about his adventures in Schenectady/Albany, specifically about Colonie (which he humorously pronounced wrong) Center and Chinese restaurant PF Chang's. He raved about their food, especially the lettuce wraps, and that we had to go there. He asked about other local spots, and then I remembered Pop Evil had recently toured with Alice Cooper! I immediately asked about that and unleashed a broken record in Leigh. He went on and on about him and how awesome and well-accepting he is. You can just tell Cooper is that kind of person, and to have it reassured was so cool! Leigh talked about how Alice loved Pop Evil and felt they had something going, and they eventually they would play together again. We talked for awhile more about him, and Leigh was so excited that I was so young but such an avid Cooper lover. I was so excited after talking with him and it made the night that much better.

This was my third time seeing Pop Evil, and probably the best, seeing as it was a private party in a small place, and I was right in front of them as they performed. Leigh made a shout out to Q103, Rob and the Q-Tease, which I thought was awesome of him. They put on a powerful and inspiring performance, and I was pretty much in awe the entire time. Bassist Matt DiRito, who I mentioned in past reviews, is always crazy with energy and all over the stage. There wasn't enough room for him to do his moves and bends that make him seem literally spineless, but he was still crazy.

Pop Evil's new drummer, whom they call Cha Chi, has only been in the band since June, and I never would've guessed. He was playing those drums like nobody's business and seemed to fit in perfectly, not only for his talent, but also for his looks. He, along with the rest of the band, are all very nice too

look at. Leigh and Matt put him on the spot and made him go shirtless while he played, or at least attempted his first drum solo as a member of Pop Evil. He accomplished one, and sort of the other, but the female crowd was just happy to see him in the flesh.

The band played for an hour or so, and performed electric and acoustic songs, including "100 in a 55," "Broken and Betrayed," "Last Man Standing," "Monster You Made" and "Hell on Heels." For the last couple of songs, Leigh wore a pair of sunglasses that had f*** taped across the lenses. I think that's his favorite word, as it was every other word out of his mouth, which made me laugh. He also handed me a guitar pick while singing, which made me feel so special!

Pop Evil put on an amazing show and gave the crowd what they wanted, and even left them begging for more. Afterward, the band hung out and talked to people, which I thought was very cool of them. They're just so down-to-earth and friendly and love talking to their fans. They are so appreciative of everything and everyone who helped get them to where they are today, and that's so refreshing to see these days. Hanging out with them after was the highlight of my night and something I will never forget.

Were you at Jillian's on Tuesday? What did you think of the bands?