When ever Papa Roach comes to town you know its going to get a little crazy.This time was no different. Jacoby is not the kind of guy to stand still or bore you when he is on stage (or off). As if it wasn't a challenge trying not to get in they way of the guys from Step Up as the catch fans that are falling on top of me. Or not trying to block shots from my fellow Fotogs. I also had Jacoby step right over me during Papa Roach's set. Don't get me wrong I loved every minute of it. Beside I know what I signed up for. Wasn't just this last October when Jacoby had his famous bar incident. You got to love the fact that Jacoby makes you feel like your part of the show.

I know that there are listeners out there that are going to hate me for this, but I never heard of Escape the fate. Like every band at this show, their energy was stuck on over drive. Fun to watch great stage presence. Definitely on my list to check out. My only regret for this show was I didn't have the opportunity to be available for Q103 friends Pop Evil. While waiting to head on a bus for what just might be more exclusive content for you to check out on this great Q103 website WINK WINK. I did get a chance to snap off a few shots before I had to head off back stage. Yet another great show for Albany fans.