Since Michigan rock quintet Pop Evil released their second studio album War Of Angels a year and a half ago, their lives have been an upward whirlwind of touring, interviews, fame and popularity. The band is currently in the studio recording their third album and have released an update for fans. Read what they had to say below. 

Vocalist Leigh Kakaty commented:

We want to make sure that lyrically the topics are fresh, natural and real.

We're more skilled at who we are as people and more skilled and focused on where we are as a band. We know our audience. We know our fans. We're going to make a record for them this time, Kakaty explains.

Everyone kind of tells their story individually. Then we come together and try to demo out the best songs the band has. It's really exciting to see so many ideas coming from different directions. At the end of the day, it's not a solo project; it is a band and it's exciting to have everyone inspire you. I just got off the phone with Matt (DiRito, bass). One of Matt's songs just really gave me goose bumps. If it wasn't for his idea, I wouldn't have been able to write the lyrics on that. And the guys take songs I've written and expanded on the ideas. It's the way an album, in our opinion, should be.

The band are recording their upcoming work of are in Chicago and are collaborating with producer Johnny K:

We always go with Johnny, admits Kakaty. He took the band to the next level with War of Angels and he's going to help us exceed that on this album as well. We're all super excited with Johnny. He's not even a producer; he's become a big brother. It's not even like we're making a record, we're just having fun. If you listen to the best records of all time, those were made in kind of the same process. For War of Angels, we were very tense in the studio. [It was our] first time with a big-time producer and a lot of 'You tell us what to do.' Now, it's the other way around. We tell him, 'We know our fans, our audience, our format. We want to make a record for them.

It is still too early for an album title or cover, but Pop Evil are aiming for a spring release with a coinciding tour to stretch into the summer. Are you excited for the new album?