Some jack holes vandalized the pool at the JCC in Schenectady and I say it’s in poor taste. If you must vandalize a pool, then at least do it in a way so creative and awesome the owners can’t even get mad.

According to some cotton headed ninny muggings threw broken glass into the JCC pool and now it has to be shut down and drained. This is a fart in the mouth move, because one: this pool is used for kids, and why would you want to hurt kids? Two: broken glass is sooOOoo 1970's.

Try using a vandalizing technique that’s with the times. Maybe fill the pool with 3,000 tea bags and make a giant glass of iced Tea for the summer? Or how about releasing a full grown orca into the pool? How can anyone get mad when free Willy is swimming around in their pool. Or better yet, back up a dump truck and add instant green jell-o mix. What kid wouldn’t love to swim in a giant swimming pool of green jell-o?

Next time you decide to act like an ass, try and be a smidge more creative!