Everyone you know is on Facebook these days, and that could be a problem. It's making the people who were on Facebook to begin with hate it with a passion.

Remember when Facebook first got going? It was just for people in college. Then they started to allow companies to join for networking purposes. Flashforward a few years and everyone has a Facebook page. It sucks, and is ruining something that I use to love.

Yesterday's news about the health care bill being passed blew up newsfeeds across the country. It was full of people who were excited about it, and also people that believed this be the end of the world. Facebook has given everyone the ability to voice their political opinions, and it's the most annoying thing on the planet.

Do you think that posting some meme that has President Obama shaking hands with Karl Marx is going to sway anyone's vote? No, it's just going to get your stupid friends amped up for the next stuffy shirt convention. Do I care that you checked in at some park to 'occupy' for the sake of the 99%? No. As a matter of fact, HELL NO!

Can we go back to way things were? When your relatives got to check in on you a couple times of year, instead of staking your profile. When a notification meant your buddy sent you a funny, but inappropriate bumper sticker. Lets get Facebook back to way things were. Until then, I'll see you on Twitter folks. @BjRagone