Police are reminding residents to be responsible when transporting Christmas trees this holiday season.

Now we've all seen some crazy stuff around the holidays, but this is a bit ridiculous. According to the Times Union, police in Sudbury, Ma took to their official Facebook page and posted a picture of a vehicle that was pulled over with a very large Christmas tree on it's roof. The tree pretty much covers most of the vehicle's view. A very unsafe way of transporting obviously, and no word on whether or not the driver was ticketed. The town of Sudbury is located about 25 miles west of Boston. Police posted the photo of the vehicle to remind residents to transport trees responsibly. You can see the posting below with the message "Sudbury PD would like to transport your holiday trees responsibly. One of our officer's stopped this vehicle on Route 20 today!"

What are your thoughts? Should the driver have been ticketed?